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A full-fledged AFFORDABLE team will initiate a dialogue with you to ask you all the important questions pertaining to server configuration, software needs, internet connectivity, network infrastructure, and application hosting methodology. Armed with precise answers to these questions, the team will come up with a recommendation to help:

  • Identify the right software, servers, desktops, firewalls, network security solutions, remote connectivity plus the entire related infrastructure

  • Choose high-value, next-generation technologies

  • Adopt Open-Source solution


These key decision made, we will stabilize and secure your current IT environment and translate these decisions so that the resultant IT mechanism is geared to meet your immediate and long-term business goals. With the expert AFFORDABLE team at your disposal, you will function as if you have a full-blown in-house IT department. Automation ensures tasks are scheduled and completed, and reports generated – all at clockwork precision. Data monitoring helps you zero in on to patterns and trends and determine system.

 Affordable is SIRA authorized.

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