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Residential Pest Control, approved by Dubai Municipality, is necessary for the well-being of your family and your residence project your health and your financial investment with home pest control from “AFFORDABLE PEST CONTROL L.L.C” You can depend on us to detect and control all your home pest control problems.We have the experience and ability to control all home pest intruders including:

Bedbugs, Blowfly, Spiders Pavement Ants, Yellow jackets, Hornets, Rodents, Mice, Roof rats, Norway Rats, Birds. Treatment methods vary according to the type of pest condition at the property and home owner preferences.

Commercial / Industrial


AFFORDABLE PEST CONTROL L.L.C. has the experience and knowledge to protect the source of your livelihood.

Our commercial pest control services cover numerous industries, including but not limited.

  • Property Management Commercial Pest Control Services.

  • Mall, Supermarket and Restaurant Commercial Pest Control Services.

  • School and Offices Commercial Pest Control Services.

  • Warehouse and Storages Commercial Pest Control Services.

  • Hospital and Clinic Commercial Pest Control Services.

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